Classic Music: Tobi Qt x Dozan – Astonishing |@tobbycooty

Poet, musician and story writer – Tobi Qt based this new eargasmic piece on poignant experiences of street lifestyle. Sweet tales of bloody money, random supernova status, the gains and consequences of street-smart hustle in Lagos everyday.

The rhymes laid on soulful tunes seduces and eventually succeeds in enticing the listener away to tranquil hills far far from familiar reality.
The subtle wordings of the poet, hammering soul-deep in the minds of listeners is the only thing that tugs you back into the dysfunctional reality of the Lagos thoroughbred.

“Astonishing” opens you up to new ideas, thoughts and theories of street philosophers, and pretty much anyone who thinks outside the box and speaks the truth about society.

“By all means, misbehave in the worst way possible, only try your best not to die before you tell the story.”
~ @tobbycooty

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