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Promoting your music with www.classicalpromo.com.ng will definitely give you and your music ultimate guaranteed awareness as we can boast of 400,000 visitors per week

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Things to Note
  • **In response to the questions we’ve received from different persons
    in regards to music promotions we’ll like to inform you that your music
    post will permanently be on www.classicalpromo.com.ng.
  • **You should take note of our submission terms which is right below this write up.
  • **Costs are negotiable

For further inquires or if you would like to promote your music with us,

Calls Only: +2348117729087 
Whatsapp Only: +2348146085356
Follow us on Twitter: @ClassicalPromo
Submission Terms
• All tracks must be in .mp3 format
• All album artwork must be in .jpeg, .jpg or .png
•Sending of “branded” or “customized” tracks from any site is not allowed
• Only tracks done by you should be submitted
You can Mail your music to classicalpromo@gmail.com and also Follow us on Twitter: @ClassicalPromo
Add our Google+ https://plus.google.com/+classicalpromo/posts Manager: Abiola Of ClassicalPromo

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